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Meet The 2021 RGFF

Selection Committee


Victoria Campbell Pater

Victoria Campbell Pater is an award-winning filmmaker, animator, and actress. She is currently a student at Emerson College where she hopes to pursue an education in animation and editing. Vic’s film career started at Middletown High School South where, under the tutelage of Mr. Corey, she advanced her knowledge and techniques in editing, animation, acting, and overall media production. She is so excited to be a part of such an inspiring and supportive Film Festival!


Annie Collopy

Annie Collopy grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona before attending the University of Arizona where she studied Film & Television, as well as Sustainable Built Environments. Now, Annie lives in New York City with her partner and works at the Take-Two Film Academy helping children across the city bring their ideas to life on the screen. She is thrilled to be participating in the Reel Girls Film Festival to help support more girls in their filmmaking passion and encourage them to keep creating!


Rajaiah Jones

Rajaiah Jones is a filmmaker and host on the Back 2 The Topic Podcast. Her passion is to tell stories of social injustices that will ignite change, whether it be through film or on her podcast. She is a lover of many art forms and believes that you do not have to stick to one medium to express yourself. As a young Black woman and a new college graduate, she is learning to navigate post-graduate life and hopes to pay it forward to young creatives who are at a disadvantage.

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Ekaterina Ionova

Ekaterina Ionova graduated from Toronto Film School in 2007 where she studied Film and TV Production. Shortly after that Ekaterina founded her own production company, FILMBERRIES,  where children write, act, direct and produce their own short movies, cartoons, pictures and art projects. 

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