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Animation 9-14 

Spirit Award: Attack of the Fury Fish by Anastasia Shinkarenko 

Rising Star Award: The Night Sky by Lena Znidaric 

Best Animation 9-14: Wetsitales: The Boy Who Became a Stone by Jade Dandan Evangelista 


Animation 15-18 

Spirit Award: A New Friendship by Nea Rivamonte 

Rising Star Award: Eye by Ava Lily Song 

Best Animation 15-18: New Home by Aiko Siedlecki 


Narrative 9-14 

 Narrative: Andromeda by Anna Salceda 


Narrative 15-19 

Spirit Award: Trip Switch by Sophie Virio 

Rising Star Award: The Loop by Defne Gurkan 

Rising Star Award: Projection Connection by Melissa Cuartas 

Best Narrative Short 15-19: Holding Hands with the Moon by Soah None 

Best Music Video 15-19 
I Bought You Flowers by Claire Delany 

Best Screenplay 9-14 

Mothers Day by Jessica Bulcock 


Screenplay 15-19 

Maple Leaf Award: Her Violin Mulan Fan 

Best Screenplay 15-19 Runner Up:  Way to The Darkness by Maria Stelmach 

Best Screenplay 15-19: The White Rose by Millie Hine 

Rising Star Award: Burnt Tongue by Alexis Kaplan 

Best Horror Caitlin Elizabeth Blanchard 

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