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Reel Girls Film Festival

2021 Screenwriting Awards

Each year our Submission Committee and Judges read and evaluate all the submitted scripts, searching for the best screenplays written by young women writers all over the world.  RGFF had a record number of submissions in 2021.  It was a lot of reading! We were impressed by the wide variety of topics and the quality of writing submitted. It really is something to have completed a feature-length script so early in life! These writers accomplished so much and had us eagerly flipping pages well into the night.  Congratulations to each of them! 

Best in Category
Going Home by Millie Hine
Three young soldiers find themselves stranded in the outskirts of Nazi-occupied France. With their whole lives ahead of them and time running out, they must find their way home, all whilst avoiding enemy forces.
Rising Star Award 
Trees- Emily Henninger 
After the apocalypse, people struggle to keep their ground. However, against all the odds, two girls come together
Hollows - Lulu Dalzell
Driving home from a friend's house, Sophie is shocked to find a stranger materialize in the backseat of her car.
Spirit Award
Andres- Ale Rodriguez
A young teen struggles with their gender identity while living with transphobic parents
Maple Leaf Award
Curse of the Phantom Queen - Esabella Strickland
A Family Curse that Will Drive you Crazy
Runner Ups:
School of Nightmares - Lucie Bridgman
Normality - Circiumaru Alexandra Andreea, Stana Maria
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