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Narrative Short Film (9-14)

Best in Catagory: Camina Conmigo (Walk Besides Me) - Students of C.E.I.P.

Rising Star: Earth - Eesha Chauhan 

Audience Choice: Wanted - Hera Farago 

Maple Leaf:  The Notebook - Esabella Strickland 

Spirit Award: The Runaway - Michelle Tang 


Music Video (15-19)

Best in Catagory: Music is Powerful -  Yazemin Yilmaz

Audience Choice: Right Place, Wrong Time - Megan Hensinger

Spirit Award: Til Death Do Us Part  - Valeria Perez 


Documentary (9-14)

Best in Catagory: Worried -Ava Snow

Rising Star: My Life With Rainbows - Elena Pendleton


Animation (9-14)

Best in Catagory: Lily Gets A Pet   - The Bum Family 

Rising Star: In The Gym - Evangelina Sarett

Audience Choice: Beehold - Ocean, Jaylyn, River, Willow, Madison, Kiera and Paula Allen

Maple Leaf:  Pizza -- Lior Katz, Danielle Ionova 

Spirit Award: A Story About How Our Little Giraffe Got Her Spots Back - - Sofia Leyepa 


Documentary (15-19)

Best in Catagory: Onyi: The Path to Finding Me  - Tamara Sims, Elissa Fong, Brigette Barrales

Rising Star: Home: Joselyn's Story -  - Susana Torres, Griselda Martinez, Isabel Lozano, Leonie Sarath, Nattaly Gomez, Annie Delgado 

Audience Choice: She Got Game - - Marisela Lopez, Sissi Revas, Adriana Mendoza


Animation (15-19):

Best in Catagory: Farm to Trash - Erika Totoro 

Rising Star: The Mystery of the Moonflower  - Gabi Bania 

Audience Choice: Wish Upon a Snowman -- Miu Nakata 

Maple Leaf:  Nursery Crimes: The Case of Humpty Dumpty - Anne Ploegman 

Spirit Award: Brutus  - Julia Samborski 

Narrative Short film (15-19):

Best in Catagory: Melted by Kaia Goudreau

Rising Star: Rescue by Morgane Guérin

Rising Star: My Light by Sophia Romulo

Spirit Award: - Inopia - Daniela Dupinet 

Audience Choice: The Pickle Aisle - Georgia Bobo

Screenplay (15-19)

Best in Catagory: Weird House Party by Caroline Riechel

Rising Star: When the Dust Settled by Lucie-celeste Bridgman 

Rising Star: Karen by Sydney Satalino

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