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Rocks by Sarah Gavron

My mom and I went to see Rocks at TIFF. The film was so amazing. We were both inspired by the all female cast and production. The film felt so real, more real than almost any film that I can think of. The film is about Olushola, nicknamed "Rocks", a Black British teenage girl in London whose single mother abandons her and her younger brother Emmanuel , forcing them to fend for themselves. Bukky Bakray portrayed "Rocks" with humor and grace, even though she was in a very difficult position. The way she and her school friends interacted made me feel like I was part of their group. Sarah Gavron, the director, told us afterwards that she wanted a very authentic film about teenagers and workshopped girls from the area the film is about. I was very inspired by her, the actors and the entire team. This was my favorite film at TIFF this year. You can read/listen to an interview with Sarah Gravron on the TIFF Rocks page


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